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WEXTOR is a Web-based tool that can be used to design laboratory and Web experiments in a guided step-by-step process. It dynamically creates the customized Web pages and Javascripts needed for the experimental procedure and provides experimenters with a print-ready visual display of their experimental design. WEXTOR flexibly supports complete and incomplete factorial designs with between-subjects, within-subjects, and quasi-experimental factors, as well as mixed designs. It implements client-side response time measurement and includes a content wizard for creating interactive materials, as well as dependent measures (graphical scales, multiple-choice items, etc.) on the experiment pages.

The current WEXTOR version is WEXTOR 2022.

Previous WEXTOR versions are still available:

WEXTOR 3.2 is at http://wextor.eu/legacy/3.2/.
WEXTOR 1.3 is at http://wextor.eu/legacy/1.3b13/.
WEXTOR 1.1 is at http://wextor.eu/legacy/1.1b3e/.

See the release notes for more details.

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