Research Group "Psychology & Internet"
Experimental and Developmental Psychology
University of Zürich, Switzerland

[>--wextor--<] is Copyright © 2000/2001 by Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Christoph Neuhaus, Research Group "Psychology & Internet", Experimental and Developmental Psychology, University of Zürich, Switzerland. All rights reserved. Many thanks to Alex de Spindler, who developed parts of the original Javascript code.

This programm may be used freely for educational and non-commercial uses. You may freely use the scripts generated by [>--wextor--<] for your own experiment without requesting permission from the author. Any use of the program that would be considered unethical according to the APA code of ethics is not allowed.

Created: octobre, 10, 2000
Last revision (wextor 1.1b3): august, 15, 2001